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Ethnic Vocal Phrases by Hayat Selim is an inspiring solo vocal instrument for creating memorable cinematic soundtracks. It brings incredibly powerful, emotional vocal phrases with unprecedented quality and expression to your fingertips. A fully playable phrase instrument, it allows you to compose your own beautiful, unique melodies, which sound like they are performed completely in the moment.

4 GB vocal sample library by Hayat Selim

12 vocal themes with five phrases each

Works with VST, AU and AAX

Created by Sonuscore for HALion

Listen to Ethnic Vocal Phrases by Hayat Selim

About Hayat Selim

Hayat Selim is a film composer and singer-songwriter from Cairo, Egypt. She graduated with a masters in composition for screen from the Royal College of Music, London, and is now based in the UK. Her single Mirage, her first in classical Fusha Arabic, was nominated in the Best Song category of the Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2019 and started opening doors in Middle Eastern singing.
Hayat writes music for film and games, often merging Western classical orchestration with world music, atmospheric soundscapes and vocals. She sings in English, German, Arabic, Italian, Latin and French and has sung in Bulgarian and Hebrew on some occasions.
“When I was commissioned by Sonuscore for this library, I tried to visualize what themes in an ethnic voice library would work for a wide range of movie genres. I hope my phrases will be useful for as many film composers as possible,” she says.

Meet Sonuscore the creators of this library

Award-winning music and sound production studio Dynamedion founded Sonuscore in 2012, the same original team that created the highly acclaimed BOOM Library. Dynamedion has a respected international reputation for high-quality music composition, sound design, live orchestra production and is one of the biggest game audio studios in Europe. The three founders have combined their vast experience in orchestral music production and sound quality to create some of the best virtual instruments on the market.

For support on the library, please contact: Sonuscore

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