Basses you can feel. Drums you will love.

Give your song a little bit of Purple and add fat kicks, snares, fast hi-hat patterns, playful percussion, thick 808 sub-basses, mesmerizing synths, plucks and pianos. This Groove Agent Expansion will help you make your trap, drill, cloud rap and pop productions all sound dope and catchy

Drums and sounds designed for trap, drill, cloud rap and pop

16 hard-hitting drum kits with patterns for kicks, hi-hats and more

15 kits for booming 808 sub-basses, instruments and catchy melodies

Created and programmed by Craft Audio

Listen to Purple

Created with analog synths and a Eurorack, the fat 808-style sub-basses are designed to be experienced throughout your body, not just your ears. The drums comprise a mixture of modified analog drum machines and digital drum synthesizers, as well as other instruments. The creator Nico Duda also used an African thumb piano, a modified Rhodes MK1, a Stratocaster, different polyphonic analog synths, a Celtic flute, plus multiple plucks and strings to create this unique drum and instrument sample pack.

About Craft Audio

Craft Audio is a Hamburg-based soundware, virtual instrument and music production company, founded in 2015 with the main goal of producing boutique instruments and soulful sound libraries. Since then, Audio Craft has produced a range of high-quality audio content.
“For Purple we wanted to deliver not only drums, but also instruments for Groove Agent with great playability. The drums in Purple should hit as hard as possible, along with a great mix of acoustic and electronic sound sources for kicks, snares, percussion, claps, shakers and hi-hats. Purple is perfectly suited for trap, drill and any modern, bass-driven genre.” – Nico Duda, Craft Audio founder.

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