Immense Percussion Possibilities

Hear the rhythm. Feel it! If you are looking for driving, mind-blowing, real percussion loops combined with impressive single shots, look no further. Composer Martin Wiese and Elbtonal Percussion have come together to create this Groove Agent expansion with almost limitless phrases and sonic possibilities for modern scores.

Live performance loops and ensemble hits played by Elbtonal Percussion

High-energy one-shots, classic orchestral percussion and synth drums

Epic MIDI drum phrases for modern scores with intro, fills and main parts

Recorded, mixed and produced by composer Martin Wiese

The idea behind Scoring Percussion

From the beginning, Scoring Percussion has been designed to make an impact. Created with the Elbtonal Percussion ensemble, this Groove Agent expansion combines a variety of epic live performed loops and rhythm sounds using orchestral drums, percussion and a wide variety of other percussive instruments. At the core of this 24-preset kit are many masterfully-programmed MIDI patterns, all with intros, crescendos, different main parts and endings, which are suitable for all kinds of epic music, game scores or media composition. Scoring Percussion contains single hits, including Gran Cassa, war drums, tam-tams, toms, snares, piatti, cymbals, bongos, congas, synth drones and a huge range of energetic performance loops.

Recorded with Elbtonal Percussion

Elbtonal Percussion comprises four immensely talented percussionists, who have mastered the creative crossover of different musical styles and sound aesthetics, and their huge pool of innumerable drums, gongs and creatively-interpreted everyday objects. They collaborate with prestigious artists and have been involved in several international film productions, such as The Baader-Meinhof Complex.

After a long Covid-related hiatus, Elbtonal Percussion was able to finally come altogether for the first time in many months to perform at a big stage at the famous Friedrich-Ebert Halle in Hamburg. Releasing all the pent-up emotions and playability in an incredible high-energy performance for this sample session, it was the perfect fit for an inspiring Groove Agent expansion.

Produced by Martin Wiese

At just five years old, Martin Wiese started to play the piano and immediately fell in love with the instrument. Later on, he started to compose incidental music for theaters and arranged music for many different situations. After finishing his studies at the University of Music in Detmold, Germany, he started working as a freelance media composer. His portfolio includes over 300 projects, including 30 short- and mid-length films, plus games and commercials, with many more to come.

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