The perfect companion for singers and songwriters

Enjoy a new interpretation of the legendary guitar that helped to shape the sound of entire genres, like country and folk. MGuitar by Acoustic Samples captures the wonderful sound of a Martin HD28, played both with fingers and a pick. The beautiful lower frequencies of the MGuitar make it especially perfect for all singer-songwriter arrangements.

Play MGuitar in solo or chord mode

180+ chord patterns for rock, folk, blues, bossa nova and more

Recorded with fingers and a pick in three mic positions

Precise chord recognition and playing algorithm

Listen to MGuitar

Meet the developers: Acoustic Samples

Acoustic Samples is a Paris-based company, focused mainly on sampled and modeled instruments. Acoustic Samples claims to create the most realistic virtual instruments by focusing on reproducing the real mechanical behavior of acoustic and electric instruments. They mix traditional sampling and more advanced modeling techniques to achieve a very high level of detail and realism, while maintaining a very natural sound.

For support on the library, please look at the manual or contact: Acoustic Samples.

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