Create the sounds of Castles and Court of the Medici

Bring your audience back to the Middle Ages and Renaissance era; the kings, queens and more with Sonuscore’s Medieval Phrases Lute & Theorbo for HALion. Escape from reality for a moment and travel through medieval castles and markets to the court of the Medici.

10 lutes and 5 theorbo themes

Syncs to DAW tempo

Fully playable rhythmic phrases

Created by Sonuscore with the help of Attila Völgyi

Listen to Medieval Phrases Lute & Theorbo

About Attila Völgyi, the artist behind this library

Attila Völgyi was born in 1974 and studied cello, piano and guitar from an early age. In 2007 he began his conquest of the lute under the influence and guidance of esteemed lutist István Győri. Attila now teaches at the Béla Bartók Music School in Szombathely, Hungary, where he is also a member of the early music ensemble Capella Savaria. He takes part in numerous concerts, recordings – including for the Age of Empires IV and The Elder Scrolls online soundtracks – and in theater, where he plays guitar, lute, and other plucked instruments.

Meet Sonuscore the creators of this library

Award-winning music and sound production studio Dynamedion founded Sonuscore in 2012, the same original team that created the highly acclaimed BOOM Library. Dynamedion has a respected international reputation for high-quality music composition, sound design, live orchestra production and is one of the biggest game audio studios in Europe. The three founders have combined their vast experience in orchestral music production and sound quality to create some of the best virtual instruments on the market.


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