Instruments of Metal and Ice

Melt extraordinary sounds of a masterfully sampled brass ensemble and various metal-based instruments into rare analog and digital synthesizers, along with sound effects recorded with ice and all kinds of metal objects. Focusing on extended playing techniques, unusual recording methods and deeply processed sounds, the fusion of these sources is combined with powerful modulation options, FX processing, wavetable synthesis and the granular engine. Together, they have created the perfect playground for creative ideas and an extraordinary instrument for cinematic productions.

6.5 GB of unheard sounds, created from various instruments, synths, metal objects and ice

Features extended playing techniques recorded by a 12-piece brass ensemble

More than 150 masterfully crafted cinematic presets by Magnetic 96

Up to four material layers with multi-samples, wavetables and granular samples

The idea behind Materials – Metal and Ice

The sound sources within Materials – Metal and Ice include a wide range of metal and ice objects, from musical, metal-based instruments to field recordings and rare synthesizers like the Synclavier and a large modular system. They cover a 12-piece brass ensemble, e-pianos, metallophones, industrial machines and everyday objects like ice cubes and steel beams. Most of the sounds were created in unusual ways, delivering custom sounds and extended articulations. In addition, processing the samples with vintage and modern outboard gear was key to achieving truly unique sound colors. The goal was to create a cinematic instrument, whose “raw materials” are already full of character and personality, then shaping these further with everything that HALion has to offer. These range from filters to distortion; from wavetables to granular synthesis. The result is an instrument full of creative potential and high-end sound options, which is just waiting to be unleashed on your next production.

Ice and metal: Experimental ways of sound creation

Explore the endless opportunities of ice and metal. The materials themselves offer a breadth of sound sculpting options, like scratching, beating, rattling and bowing. But the really new only evolves from the combination of the two materials. Working with dry ice to get metal resonating, freezing strings and bowls, playing with ice picks; the sampling sound design explores areas far away from anything you ever heard before.

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“I might be biased when it comes to a library based on these sound sources but I'm loving this. So many unexpected textures and great sound shaping opportunities. Highly recommended!”
Atli ÖrvarssonWorked with Mike Post and Hollywood legend Hans Zimmer and scored over 40 films and countless TV shows

Designed by Magnetic 96 and Steinberg

Magnetic 96 — a collaboration between Tobias Menguser and Stephan Lembke — has previously worked with the biggest names in virtual instruments, like Native Instruments, Heavyocity, Softube and Arturia. Bringing their skills to the HALion universe, Tobias and Stephan are creating a series of unique, outstanding HALion instruments which focus on unusual sound sources, extraordinary processing and creative preset design.

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