Rich and moving soundscapes by Hollywood composer Danny Lux

Dive into modern electronic and abstract cinematic soundscapes, all created by Hollywood-based TV/film composer Danny Lux. Pad Motion Layers creates tension, textures, and complex moods with up to four layers of granular synthesis or sampled sounds. It includes more than 900 unique samples from different guitars, pianos and classic analog synths like the Yamaha CS-80 — and you can even import your own samples.

Sounds designed by Hollywood-based composer Danny Lux  

715 presets with complex motions and up to 4 layers

More than 900 handcrafted sample sources

Import and tweak your own samples

The idea behind Pad Motion Layers - Pad Motion Layers

Very often, tools for the modern composer try to convince you with sounds which shine brightly on their own but make it really hard to compose with. Thanks to his composing experience, with more than 2,000 hours of screen time, Danny Lux wanted to change this — forever. He decided to create presets within Pad Motion Layers which are full of motion, but simple enough that you do not have to compose around them. The final result is a collection of rich, thick, beautiful cinematic pads that can provide aggressive complex movement or be dialed back to subtle beautiful emotional sounds without stealing attention from the screen.

About Sample Fuel

Sample Fuel founder Danny Lux has been a prolific TV and film composer for 30 years, including nine years working with multi Grammy and Emmy award-winning composer Mike Post. Always proactive in making his own sounds and samples, his frustration at synths that were difficult to use led Danny to harness the power of HALion 6 to create instruments with custom, easy-to-use interfaces.

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"Finally, an insanely powerful synth that I am able to master in minutes! Even if I simply use the presets with the XY controller, I've already made the patches my own. The ease of changing the sample or motion per layer gives me sounds that no one else has. I need custom sounds in seconds and Danny Lux knows tight deadlines. He obviously made this synth with the modern media composer in mind."
Fred CouryComposer: The Night Shift, Los Angeles Kings, Portland Trailblazers, Cinderella Drummer

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