Reintroducing synthesis from a musical perspective

SIMPLE is a forward-thinking, polyphonic synthesizer for HALion based on ease-of-use and maximum capability. The beautifully designed interface has been carefully crafted to put the most commonly used controls first. Also, the parameters in SIMPLE are designed to deliver musical results at any setting, making the creative process less tedious. SIMPLE stands for synthesis from a musical perspective.

Over 600 outstanding presets from top sound designers

Two main controls for unique, ear-pleasing sound

Special integrated post-psychoacoustic processing

Works with most DAWs (AU, VST, AAX)

Listen to SIMPLE

Meet the developer of SIMPLE

Chris St’Aubyn is a one-man show; an elite music producer and audio software programmer with over 14 years of expertise in music production and audio engineering. With no formal training, he started experimenting with music for fun in his teens; a playful attitude which has transformed into a lifelong love for all things related to sound. Now, after years of studying as a self-taught programmer, his audio production software products are backed by his years of learning, development, cultivation, and craftsmanship. They are used by top sound designers, artists and producers alike.


For support on the library, please contact: Chris St’Aubyn

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