What is WaveLab LE

Whether you are a hobby musician, home studio owner, freelancer or podcaster — WaveLab LE helps you to bring your music, voice and sound recordings to a more professional level. This easy-to-use mastering and audio editing software turns your computer into an audio analyzing, editing and publishing studio.

Edit your recordings like the pros

WaveLab is the first choice for mastering engineers around the globe. The LE version of WaveLab provides an insight into the world of audio mastering and lets you add a more professional, commercial touch to your recordings. Create fades, edit tracks, change loudness levels and analyze the frequency spectrum — you will soon recognize how efficient it can be to work with WaveLab on a daily basis.

Polish your music

WaveLab LE is on hand when you want to polish your music with a selection of on-board high-quality VST 3 effects, such as EQ or Compressor. As a hobby musician you can easily improve your recordings and export them to several audio formats, making it easy to share songs with others. WaveLab LE is also predestinated to be used in music schools and during lectures as it offers a steep learning curve thanks to its easy-to-use interface.

Capture interviews and location sound

WaveLab LE offers a basic setup that enables you to record stereo material on two tracks with up to 96 kHz in 32-bit floating point resolution. Whether you are an editor, radio freelancer or a traveler who captures location sound and ambient noise — WaveLab LE is always on hand to offer a range of recording, editing and mixing functions to correct and improve your audio.

Create podcasts on the fly

WaveLab LE offers comprehensive support for the creation and publishing of podcasts. The powerful podcast tool offers a feature set, which can stand comparison even with the more professional WaveLab versions. It’s possible not only to add parameters such as title or description, but also create several episodes and upload them directly to the server of choice.

Check it out for yourself and see what WaveLab LE can do for you!